From Open-Source Code to Open-Source Project

Short Form


Having a successful open-source project is more than putting your code on Github.


We all have awesome code. We all want our code to grow up, move out, get a job, and become productive members of society. This talk will give you ideas that will help turn your open-source code into an open-source project that gets used and receives contributions.

Speaking experience

I spoke at Open Source Bridge in 2012 ( I spoke at last year's PowerShell Summit North America (

This will be a new talk I haven't given before.


  • Aaron Jensen

    WebMD Health Services


    Aaron Jensen is a Automation/Build/Configuration Management/Software Engineer for WebMD Health Services in Portland, Oregon. He has worked as a web software engineer for sixteen years, working mostly with Microsoft technologies.

    He is the owner and maintainer of Carbon, an open-source project used to automate the installation and configuration of Windows, IIS websites, and Windows Services. It has been downloaded more than 12,000 times. He has contributed to many open-source projects.

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