Introducing new generations to Open Source

Short Form


How to make young developers contribute to open source? How to find talent for your company? How to help underrepresented groups to start a professional path on programming?

Can we tackle all of these at the same time? Yes! and here's how


In this talk I’ll share my experience as mentor in the Rails Girls Summer of Code program and how these girls, with the proper training and motivation, passed from novice enthusiastic to junior developers working on a real protect in less than a year.


Open Source, community, diversity, rails girls summer of code

Speaking experience

I've spoken in several conferences in Mexico related to open source and technology-specific such Drupal and Ruby. My biggest achievement as speaker up today is MagmaConf 2015: an international web development conference hosted in the coast city of Manzanillo with more that 200 attendees from several parts of the work, I presented a talk in English called "Accessibility in the web 2.0 era".

Regarding this talk, was presented last year in the Free Software Festival in Vallarta, Mexico (


  • Biography

    Fernando is a Software engineer who writes web applications on his favorite language: Ruby.
    Fer is actively involved in the local communities and is currently running the RubyGDL community as well as member and co-organizer of the Railsbridge Mexican chapter.

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