How to promote open source for education by translating

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It is necessary a waste that we seldom make the most of free resources online. We spend a lot of budget buying the software which is replaceable and deal with problems in an ineffective way. That is why we start this project to help others in an efficient way.


As a student, we want to raise the awareness of using open source software online for free. The environment of using the open source software in Taiwan is monopolized by expensive software, such as Microsoft series, Adobe and Photoshop. People seldom get a chance to realize that they actually have easy access to resources online which is free and much more convenient. Using big data to analyze vocabularies which are used frequently, we gather the information to indicate language barriers. We create a community to overcome the language barrier and to change the habits of Taiwanese for using software. We translate the video of “opensoucephysics” to use the materials in our education system. We use three main methods to promote the use of open source software. First, we are going to launch a program which is composed of different schools such as NCKU, NCTU and FJU to create an engineering social media. Second, we cooperate with the professors and schools to open a course to invite students to join our translating program. Third, we create a social media and launch “hour of translate” and invite friends to join us.

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Speaker at 2016 Fossasia


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    I have a strong passion in dealing problems in an efficient way. No matter how much time it takes, I like to try things to benefit the society. I am willing to devote myself to spend thousands of hours to help others save an hour for their work. I believe the environment must be changed to make it a better world for us to do things effectively. I know I am still lack for experience and knowledge, so I hope, by joining Open Source Bridge, I can get more inspiration and innovation to make my project even better.

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