InfraCloud: Running an Open OpenStack

Short Form


The OpenStack Infrastructure team uses an infrastructure-as-code approach to running an OpenStack cloud that supports its automated software testing infrastructure. This talk will discuss the challenges of administering a cloud in the open and cover the tools and technologies we use to accomplish it.


The OpenStack Infrastructure team, made up of contributors from multiple companies, runs the systems that support the development, testing, and hosting of OpenStack and the services that support the OpenStack community. With donated hardware and datacenter space, the team runs a private OpenStack cloud to support its automated software testing infrastructure. InfraCloud, the project born out of increasing demand from our growing developer community and a desire to “dogfood” OpenStack, is managed in the same manner as the rest of our infrastructure — as open source, review-driven configuration. Though we’ve long been consumers of OpenStack clouds, running one ourselves poses new and exciting challenges. This session will discuss how we use cloud technologies to tame our hardware and how we leverage our open source infrastructure to run a cloud.


cloud, openstack, Open Source, infrastructure as code, iaas

Speaking experience

- PuppetConf 2014 (San Francisco, CA)
- Config Management Camp 2015 (Ghent, Belgium)
- PuppetConf 2015 (Portland, OR)
- OpenStack Summit 2015 (Vancouver, BC)


  • Colleen Murphy

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise


    Colleen works at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a software engineer on the OpenStack Infrastructure team and is a core reviewer on the OpenStack Puppet Modules team. Previously she worked at Puppet Labs as a module engineer. She has a background in system administration with the Computer Action Team (The CAT) at Portland State University.

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