The Triumph of Community - The GNOME Trademark Battle

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How community triumphed over a corporation, a fun and educational talk on the back story of the GNOME trademark battle.


A legal precedent has been set. Don’t mess with a Free Software project. This talk focuses on the back story of the GNOME trademark battle where GNOME unable to protect itself from filings from a company violating its trademark asked the Free and Open Source community for help. Learn the story of community triumphing in a climatic finish that will have you clapping with joy.

Unfortunately, a number of talks do not have a video. I hope the above is sufficient.


legal, GNOME, trademark

Speaking experience

I have spoken here at Open Source Bridge in 2011, I have spoken for the past 3 years at FOSDEM (not 2016 unfortunately). I have spoken at GUADEC for the past 4 years. I gave a keynote for Intel Software Day in Guadalajara.


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    Sriram Ramkrishna

    GNOME Foundation


    Sriram Ramkrishna is an old beard GNOME person. Clocking in at nearly 14 years into the project, Sri started contributing to the GNOME Project six months after the project was launched by Miguel De Icaza.

    Sri started off in the project working on GNOME Summaries and grew the project into a regular monthly journal called GNOME Journal ( with a team of contributors who wrote and edited articles on various parts of the GNOME eco-system. Sri is also active on the marketing team doing community management.

    Sri was also one of the initial members of the planning committee for the Linux Plumbers Conference dealing with IT infrastructure for the two years that Linux Plumbers was in Portland.

    In his day job, Sri is a systems administrator for Intel Corporation administrating large installations of Linux compute clusters and accompanying storage.

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