The Franklin Street Statement and the future of Free Network Services



Web services and cloud computing are moving users from Open Source desktop applications to proprietary remote computing. How can we set standards to make Web services as liberating to use as Open Source software?


Cloud computing is moving more and more of users’ computing experience from desktop and laptop systems they control to remote servers “in the cloud”. For the most part, these remote services run proprietary software and “lock in” users, refusing to share data or even let users take their own data with them.

The Franklin Street Statement, put together by a loose group of hackers and activists from the FSF, Creative Commons, Open Knowledge Foundation, Software Freedom Law Center and elsewhere, sets parameters for how future Free Network Services could work. How can we make the Web service experience as free and open as using Open Source software on a computer you control yourself?

This talk will outline the problem, talk about solutions, and look forward to building an interconnecting stack of Free Network Services that replicate or replace today’s proprietary Web sites.

Speaking experience