Chat & Open Source: Past, Present, & Future



UPDATE: By request, this will be moved to Friday's unconference sessions.
Was Wednesday B201 7-8:30pm: Proprietary platforms like Slack and newer open source alternatives like Telegram & others are giving IRC serious competition. Let's discuss the current state & what the future holds.


UPDATE: By request, this will be moved to Friday’s unconference sessions.
Was Wednesday B201 7-8:30pm: Historically, most free & open source software projects have used IRC for real-time communication. But the proliferation of both free & proprietary messaging platforms are starting to change contributors’ preferences.

While development IRC clients & servers sit relatively stagnant, alternatives are abundant. More established open source tools like XMPP offer lots of features but have seen challenges with adoption. Newer partially-free platforms like Telegram are building momentum but have drawbacks, too. Proprietary solutions like Slack are getting millions of dollars in investment, but are steering many open source projects away from using free software.

Let’s discuss the current landscape of communication tools, our collective experiences and concerns, and try to predict a future for open source project messaging systems!


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Speaking experience

I've been an open source community manager for 5 years and have organized entire conferences as well as led unconference & BoF sessions in each of those conferences.