The Open Educator -- Practical Advice for Applying Open Source Practices and Resources to K-12 Hands-on Learning

Short Form


This talk is geared toward teachers, informal educators, or anyone interested in engaging k-12 youth. It will cover common problems encountered when adapting open source technology and suggest ways to combine open source to other learning movements such as Maker Education and Common Core.


Whether you are interested in offering workshops, teaching in the classroom, or elsewhere — I’ll give you some first-hand advice about what makes for an engaging experience for a k-12 audience.

Specifically, we’ll cover:
- Best practices for different age groups
- Where to find and how to adapt free/open resources
- The importance of including hands-on elements in k-12 learning
- Basic scaffolding for classes/workshops with differing ability levels
- Why/how to combine other learning movements into your open source curriculum

*Note: This talk will have an interactive/hands-on element.


education, volunteering, hands-on learning

Speaking experience

This would be my first time speaking at an open source conference or event.


  • Vvey umx


    I’m Technology Coordinator for a community based non-profit that provides free services and enrichment to underserved residents living in San Francisco. From 2013 to 2014, I also served as Innovation Fellow at the Children’s Creativity Museum where I assisted artists, makers, educators and kid-oriented startups in delivering hands-on workshops for an early childhood audience. I’m also a current member of Double Union, an advocate for the use of open source software in k-12 education, and a recent GNOME OPW/Outreachy participant.