Builder - an IDE for GNOME and beyond

Short Form


Builder is an IDE that was successfully crowdfunded by IndieGoGo for GNOME. While for GNOME, Builder has a potential that goes beyond with an A-list of features and integrated help.


Christian Hergert had a vision. He wanted to make GNOME applications
easy to write. He initially started on something called GNOME
University, which failed. It failed because as a single person he
didn’t scale but the project had terrific momentum. Christian wanted
to start again, but thought if he really wanted to do it right he
needed the time and space to do it. So he quit his job. He started
an indiegogo campaign and got funding to work on Builder full time for
5 months. This talk will go over the features of Builder, why it is
special, what differentiates itself from other IDEs and it’s potential
to be more than just a GNOME based IDE application.


GNOME, ide, Builder

Speaking experience

I have spoken in a number of conferences:
FOSDEM 2014 - (
FOSDEM 2015 - (not online yet)
GUADEC 2013 - (not available)
GUADEC 2014 - (not available)
Linuxcon America 2011
Linuxfest Northwest 2011
Open Source Bridge 2011 - (


  • Sriram Ramkrishna

    GNOME Foundation


    Sri Ramkrishna is currently the director of the GNOME Foundation. Sri works on the engagement team and has been part of the GNOME project since 1997. Sri has done many things in the course of working on GNOME including managing the media plan to take on Groupon, engaging the community on the new GNOME design, and various other things.