7 years of collaborative calendaring: Exploring Calagator

Long Form


Seven years in, the Portland tech community's open source calendar aggregator, Calagator, has survived ups and downs, seen the outcome of those Ruby and Rails dogma shifts, and fundamentally changed the way people in Portland tech build community.

In this combination talk and installfest, we'll explore the origins, history, impact, and future of Calagator, and how you can use Calagator to improve your local communities and increase engagement.

Bring your laptops and your Ruby dev environments, and we'll walk through a fresh install!


Too often in tech, we burn down our history, rather than preserving and learning from it. After existing for seven years, the Portland tech community’s open source calendar aggregator, Calagator, has survived many changes in contributors, code, and culture and come out stronger. In this talk, I will trace the history, impact, and future of Calagator as a form of living documentation.

By interviewing project founders and Portland tech community’s ‘elder statespeople’, we can explore the effect of community calendaring on Portland’s tech community, and look for clues on how to replicate the success of this project and community in other places.

Once we determine how we can fork Calagator’s community building ability and code, we will spend some time creating a Rails project leveraging Calagator’s new features and infrastructure. Bring your Ruby development environments, and hack along!


community organizing, Ruby, rails

Speaking experience

I've spoken at DevSigner Con and Open Source Bridge 2014