Using WebRTC to enhance your product

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Using WebRTC doesn't require that brand new idea or that awesome new app that's going to revolutionise communications. Using WebRTC can just mean enhancing your product with more features and therefore bringing more to your service. Learn what opportunities you're missing.


WebRTC is a relatively new technology, but has been making strides in recent months in terms of interoperability and success. There are more solutions built on top of WebRTC than you can count on both of your hands now, and those solutions want your business. Their entire goal is to make using WebRTC easy, or at least easier than if you used the pure technology in your browser. In the early days, building something with WebRTC wasn’t exactly easy; there were a lot (a lot, a lot) of moving parts and an understanding of networking calls that most Web Developers would shy away from. This is still the case today to be honest. But with solutions now out there helping you build on top of WebRTC; it’s never been easier.

Building something with WebRTC doesn’t require a ground breaking idea, or a new product you’re looking to offer. It’s more than likely you’ve already got a product that you’re already selling in some form or another; it’s how we pay the bills. Enhancing that product is quicker and more cost-effective than building something new; what we call a value-add. Whether it’s offering customer support, or enabling users to connect face to face in social media; everyone’s looking to get more out of their product. Come see how you can get even more value from your existing products using WebRTC.



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    Based in Kent, Dan’s been writing code professionally for over 10 years. Moving from being an Industrial Placement student while at University to being a Software Engineer. Dan is the Director of Nimble Ape Ltd, which he founded at the start of 2014. Dan loves working with Node.js and within it’s community, along with his passion for building great architecture for Applications. For the past few years Dan’s been building RESTful Hypermedia APIs but recently, he’s been working with the exciting WebRTC technology.