WebRTC, the hard bits

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WebRTC is hard, but there's so many services and tools to make things easier. It's time to start utilising them to create awesome experiences.


WebRTC isn’t easy. That’s the hard truth. We’ve lived with browser inconsistencies for years, it’s nothing new – the way your desktop browser acts can be entirely different to another desktop browser and then that can be entirely different to a mobile browser. It’s the web. We all know it. And we wouldn’t be without it – it drives browser vendors to always be improving and therefore improving the Web. Well WebRTC isn’t any different. Today we have a fractured offering from all the involved parties.

The trouble getting started with WebRTC is that it isn’t even really comparable with getting started with CSS , JavaScript or HTML. Learning about the intricate needs of WebRTC is tough, and then add onto the top of that the fact that you have browser inconsistencies – you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Most stories I hear are from people who give up trying to get something working, and the few that do make their initial communications work, then get stuck when they proclaim to their friends “Try this thing I made, it’s amazing!” – only to hit audio and video issues.

Although WebRTC is complex, it can be made easy once you understand the basics and learn about the available tools that you can use to make it a near walk in the park; from completely open source tools you can implement yourself to paid services that take care of almost everything for you. Come learn what solutions are available and useful for you; let’s get you started with WebRTC.



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FOWA London, Hackference, Astricon


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    Based in Kent, Dan’s been writing code professionally for over 10 years. Moving from being an Industrial Placement student while at University to being a Software Engineer. Dan is the Director of Nimble Ape Ltd, which he founded at the start of 2014. Dan loves working with Node.js and within it’s community, along with his passion for building great architecture for Applications. For the past few years Dan’s been building RESTful Hypermedia APIs but recently, he’s been working with the exciting WebRTC technology.