Is WebRTC ready for primetime?

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Integrating WebRTC into your products hasn't been easy since it was first introduced. Is it now ready for the prime time?


WebRTC is still a relatively young technology so there are some serious questions being asked about whether it’s ready for the mainstream or not. Should you and your business integrate it and develop it into your product? WebRTC isn’t going away any time soon and you might be surprised to learn which of the market’s big players are already using WebRTC to their advantage.

But is it ready for the primetime? For far too long we’ve been in limbo with what the IETF was saying about the specification and what vendors were building in their products. Now that the W3C have published the WebRTC 1.0 draft, it means the lines are a little less blurry when it comes to the JavaScript APIs into WebRTC but there’s still a fair amount that’s up to browser and mobile OS vendors. Come and build confidence in the decisions you’re bound to be making with WebRTC within the next few months.



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    Based in Kent, Dan’s been writing code professionally for over 10 years. Moving from being an Industrial Placement student while at University to being a Software Engineer. Dan is the Director of Nimble Ape Ltd, which he founded at the start of 2014. Dan loves working with Node.js and within it’s community, along with his passion for building great architecture for Applications. For the past few years Dan’s been building RESTful Hypermedia APIs but recently, he’s been working with the exciting WebRTC technology.