Writing debuggable code

Short Form


Let's talk about the Do's and Don'ts that make code easier to debug (because let's face it, we will all write bugs at some point in our coding careers).


There are certain patterns that can make the arduous task of tracking down a bug easier, and anti-patterns that can make the debugging rabbit-hole a perilous and confusing place. Hopefully this talk will help discern which are which, and remind you to keep future debuggers in mind when writing code (including your future self, please be kind to your future self).

Speaking experience

Jonathan has given lightning talks at Portland State's ACM meetings, participated in panels for Portland State's BrainDump program, and short sessions at Beaver BarCamp.


  • Biography

    Jonathan Harker is a developer and systems administrator for a continuous integration system designed to scale to thousands of developers and hundreds of test-hours-per-day.