Business Planning for Improvisors

Short Form


If you think your business is too small for a plan, or that you’ll come up with one later, this workshop is for you. We’ll use an easy template to help you think and talk about how your business works, and it may even help you see ways to improve it.


Even the smallest, newest businesses (like freelancers!) usually operate on some kind of business plan, whether or not their owners know it. Finding the language to communicate your plan to others can not only help you present yourself clearly, it can also open new doors to tweaking your business for the better.

In this workshop, we’ll present a simple business planning model and show you how to apply it to your basic business. Then we’ll talk about ways you can use it to improve and grow.


business, freelancing, business planning

Speaking experience

I regularly facilitate meetings and discussion groups, and I have taught courses in writing, tax preparation, and wildlife tracking. I gave lightning talks at last year’s OSB and Community Leadership Summits, and presented a session at least year’s Community Leadership Summit.


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    Maggie Starr

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    Maggie Starr helps purpose-driven teams form plans and proposals, run meetings and brainstorm sessions, and facilitate organizational change. She draws from wide-ranging experience in volunteer management, ecology, systems thinking, and cross-cultural learning to bring new perspectives to teams and their work.