Cult-Driven Development

Short Form


Communities around projects can be built in multiple ways, from reputation to
evangelism, and many projects follow certain path towards popularity. OlegDB has
taken a completely different path towards it's cult-following status, and I'll go
over how a project that started as a joke now has a small, but active, community.
I'll cover alternative marketing strategies, maintaining relationships on the
internet and how to stay in charge of a FOSS project.


When building a project you love, and that you want other people to love, it’s
important to manage both your own and your project’s image. You can do that in a
lot of ways, but I’m going to talk about how I and a couple of friends built a
joke project into something that people use.

From sticking my hand into a jar of mayonnaise to building a joke templating
language and static-site generator, I’ll describe how to stay interesting enough
to stay on people’s radar to gain traction in the FOSS world.


database, community

Speaking experience

"Introduction to Splay Trees"