Telling the Open Source Stories that Make Users Love Projects

Short Form


Stories help new users and developers connect with open source projects. Here's what you need to know to tell those stories.


Bringing new users (as well as developers) to your project requires explaining your value. Traditional marketing isn’t an option, even if an open source project magically has the resources to pay for it. But sharing the stories inside your community can be an excellent opportunity to evangelize to developers, as well as attract new users. This talk will cover choosing stories worth telling, how to tell those stories, and how to make sure an audience actually hears those stories. In short, this talk will give you a set of tools for making sure people care about your project.


Evangelism, marketing, storytelling

Speaking experience

I regularly lead Pyladies workshops, have spoken at Day Camp for Developers, multiple WordCamps, Pioneer Nation, Freelancers Union, Blog World. I haven't given this particular talk before.