How Ruby and Java meet and work together

Short Form


What if you have a working Ruby on Rails app, and you also have a Java component and you need them to interact without rewriting one of them in another programming language? JRuby is here to rescue!


In this talk I’d explain about JRuby, what are the various ways to make existing Ruby and Java code interact with each other, and what are the things one needs to be aware of when porting a Ruby on Rails application to work on JRuby.


jruby java ruby

Speaking experience

I've been giving talks about various open source aspects in several local events including Rails Girls, She Codes and others.
The reverse engineering talk is a new talk.


  • Biography

    Alissa Bonas is a Java and Ruby developer and contributor to several open source projects, who also has a great interest in usability topics. She advocates open source to various companies and meetups, and participates in the Rails Girls initiative as a coach.