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Short Form


The focus of talk would be on two major things Called "Initiate" and "Impact". How to Initiate a Open source community? and How to create an Impact through a community?

I would talk about the things that we should care to initiate Open source community. What are the problems you could face during setting up a community and how to solve that problems. What are the things you would have to do that would make an impact.


Basically, I would focus on Two things “Initiate” and “Impact”. I believe that we could enhance any open source project by building a healthy community across the world. I would cover below points during my talk.

- Type of community(a geographic chapter: for a city, region, state, or country
a student chapter: for a university, college, or school)
- Define a Vision and Mission.
- How to understand the nature of your region where you are gonna initiate your community.
- Establish core team and define role.
- How to understand the need of people? why it is matter?
- How to design an events/conference/workshops/hackathon?
- How to find sponsors/partners?

- Which type of events/conference/WS/hackathon you should do that would helpful for society?
- An Importance of Input and Output.
- Measure a success matrix.
- Encourage developers to contribute Open source Project.

Mostly, Impact would be a depends on your output so Input should be very clear and visible. Sign of Impact: Once you start solving problems around your society you would start making an Impact.

At the end I would like to share my experiences of Python users group Gujarat and Google Student Ambassador.


community, Open Source

Speaking experience

Google DevFest 2013
PyCon UK 2014
Tech4africa 2014