Don't hide: The AGPL as a business model

Short Form


When you want to make a living from your app, open sourcing can be a difficult decision. What if... my future customers just find out they could rather use the software for free instead of paying us?
What if... a service company takes on my product and delivers a better service than we do, after all they have more customer experience than us?


The AGPL as a business model will follow these lines:

- So now you have built a great app and want to make a business out of it
- We can’t open source this
- The benefits of being open source
- The benefits of being free software
- The benefits of not hiding anything
- But what can I sell?
- All about subscription
- SaaS and open source
- Bonus chapter: Would VCs fund that?


Open Source, free software, agpl, affero, GPL, web app, saas

Speaking experience

This is an entirely new talk.
Previous talks include:
- CMU Talks on Computing Systems
- Mozilla HQ
- GigaOM Structure Launchpad 2012
- Keynote Speaker ICAIT 2012
- OpenWorld Forum 2011


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    Henri created the open source PEPS collaboration platform and its underlying Opa language. Opa pioneered several web concepts which are getting increasingly popular such as strong static typing for the web, full-stack automation and asynchronous transforms. Henri holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Paris and is an O’Reilly author.