So You Want To Write A Tech Article

Short Form


Have you ever said, “I could write an article about that!”? Imagine what it feels like to walk into Barnes & Noble, pick up a magazine and see your article featured right there on the cover. Who do you contact? What's the process? What the heck is step one? In this talk, you'll get an insider's look at breaking into the mysterious world of tech article writing, from an industry veteran.


This talk uncovers the steps, processes, and actions needed to get started writing tech articles. Editors and readers are hungry for clean, well-written and interesting articles. Posting articles can bring you valuable industry contacts, recognition, and the opportunity to provide readers with practical insight that puts you in a thought leadership position.

We’ll discuss formulating story ideas, best practices for actually writing the copy, writing/publishing tools, and how to find editors for your piece. How to query, the importance of deadlines, discipline and tips on optimizing your writing time will also be covered. We’ll finish up with current trends in the tech publishing industry and some of the many directions audience members might take, as they post real articles.

Throughout the talk, attendees will be encouraged to get moving on their own articles, right away.


tech articles, writing, Linux media

Speaking experience

I've spoken at OSCON ( [video -], Fossetcon (, and the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), along with local tech events. I have not given this talk before. It was submitted as a proposal to OSCON 2015.

I've been a part of the top-tier Linux media covered Linux and Open Source since 2001. My articles have appeared on,, Tech Target, Linux Journal magazine,, Raspberry Pi Geek magazine, LinuxPro magazine,, and others. I've written several Kindle ebooks and am a co-author of "Point and Click".