Seamless Migration to Postgres RDS using Bucardo

Short Form


This talk describes my experience with migrating Amazon EC2 Postgres instances over to RDS Postgres using Bucardo's Multi-master replication to migrate with minimal to no downtime.


Last year Amazon released Postgres on it’s Relational Database Service (RDS) platform. Now it’s time to start taking it seriously if you’re already living in the cloud – and it’s time to start thinking about it if you’re not.

In this talk I will describe the reasoning, steps, tips, tricks and goals to migrate from running Postgres an EC2 instance to using an RDS instance with minimal (if any) downtime for your applications.


Postgres, aws, rds, cloud

Speaking experience

I've presented multiple times at the Portland Postgres User Group (PDXPUG).
I gave a version of this talk at the PDXPUG on Feb 19th, which was recorded (I will provide the link once it is available)

Here is a video from 2 years ago, I've improved since then.