Bringing Open Source to the Federal Government

Short Form


The story of how one federal agency decided to start living open source principles, built great tools, and attracted great developer talent.


Government doesn’t have a great reputation for technological innovation. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new federal agency created in 2011, had the opportunity to build a 21st century agency with 21st century technology. This talk is about our decision to commit to open source: using open source technology, releasing the code to all of our tools, and doing our technology in-house rather than using contractors. We discuss the tools we’ve managed to build, and how we were able to recruit open source developers who normally wouldn’t consider government.

Speaking experience

Have not done a public-facing conference talk before - but I've done plenty of internal speaking within my organization.


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    Bruce Arthur

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


    Strategy and Management Analyst at @CFPB. Retired skeeball champion.