5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Programming

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There's more to being a successful developer than simply being great at programming.


There’s more to being a successful developer than simply being great at programming. The gotchas that slow us down or trip us up are often outside of the code we write, manifesting instead in our process or how we work with our peers. Whether you’re new to programming or a veteran of many projects, these 5 things can improve your code, your career, and your team. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be glad to hear that you frustrations are not unique — there are strategies for overcoming them. For experienced developers, this talk is a refresher course on what goes into the day-to-day, reminding us to have some empathy for individuals new to our community. Come (re)discover these 5 (sometimes surprising, always honest) truths, tips, and tactics for success.

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    Kerri Miller is a Sr Software Developer and Team Lead based in the Pacific Northwest. She has worked at enterprise companies, international ad agencies, boutique consultancies, start-ups, mentors and teaches students, and finds time to work on Open Source projects. Having an insatiable curiosity, she has worked as a lighting designer, marionette puppeteer, sous chef, and professional poker player, and enjoys hiking, collecting Vespas, and working with glass.