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Test-Builder, the foundation upon which Test-More, Test-Simple, and just about any other Test-Package are built, is getting new internals. Test-Builder and its internals are nearly 10 years old, and they are showing their age. It has been known for some time that things would have to change eventually.

A few years back Schwern launched the Test-Builder 2 project. This effort ultimately failed to reach adoption. However a recent change, which simply modified a comment, managed to break Moose and other related packages, we simply can't sit around and let such things continue to happen.


This talk will go over the new internals of Test-Builder. It will discuss the issues that lead to the changes, and the approach taken. We will cover the problems that are solved, and the benefits we gain. There will be a brief overview of the new architecture, as well as an explanation of how to write new tools with the new internals.

Real world examples will be given on tools that have already adapted to the new internals such as Test-More and Test-Exception.


test, testing, perl, unit testing, tools, CPAN

Speaking experience

I have spoken several times at the Portland perl mongers. I have also spoken internally at several companies presenting Fennec and Moose.


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