Create your Making Money Machine

Short Form


No, it's not a BitCoin mining machine. See what kind of vending machine you can create using open hardware and FOSS


With PHP at backend and Java at within new cheap and small Single Board Computers you can create IoT machines to sell goods or services.

Also, you can improve your user experience allowing your users to use their new smartwatches to interact with your machine.

In this session you will see how to combine all this technologies to create machines to help you to make money and better: using only FOSS!


iot, php, java, android, wearables, raspberry pi

Speaking experience
I was MC in Battlehack Mexico and given several talks in Brazil.
I am also InfoQ Contributor (


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    Developer Advocate at Braintree Payments / PayPal
    20 Software Development and 12 coding using several open source technologies like PHP, Java and JavaScript
    Individual member of Java Community Process, I also used to be JBoss Support Engineer and contribute with Netbeans project.