Open Power: Electoral Reform and Public Empowerment

Long Form


“When we relate and share knowledge authentically, this places us in a state of grace, a state of 'win-win' harmony with all others, and establishes trust among all.”

“The bottom line is that our government is not intelligent about how it pursues the public interest, because its decisions are not informed decisions (and its interest is generally not the public's).”

“I realized in 1988 that my life as a spy specializing in secrets was not only unproductive, it was in sharp opposition to what we actually need: full access to true information, and consequently, the ability to create Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).”


After briefly presenting the Electoral Reform initiative for context, I will focus on the specifics of an open source everything tool-kit intended to empower the public — both individual citizens and varied networks both formal and informal.

This is a call to arms for open source wizards, not a turn-key solutions briefing. Mich Sifry’s work, notably his new book, The Big Disconnect: Why the Internet Has Not Fixed Politics (Yet) will be used to set the stage, along with my own direct discussions with leaders of NextGen, Eco-Villages, and Transition Towns.

Then eight functional requirements first identified in 1986 by Diane Webb and Dennis McCormick at CIA will be discussed. Today, a quarter century and $1.25 trillion dollars in secret spending later, we still do not have these because of the bureaucratic corruption and corporate stovepiping that define public information technology investment.

The balance of the time will be Open Space, intended to inspire, elicit, and nurture self-organized discussion about possibilities. Ideally, a budget could be formulated for a donor interested in funding the creation of a liberation technology tool-kit in time for 2016 — how do we empower all of us to share information, share sense-making, and ultimately agree on unification around ONE THING that restores public power (I think it is electoral reform, but what I think does not matter — the point is to make it possible for the public to think together.


Electoral Reform, Open Source, Intelligence Reform, Liberation Technology

Speaking experience

This will be a new talk tailored to the group once I can see the over-all agenda and get a sense of who will be there.

I have spoken world-wide at all levels including Congress, Senate, CEOs and flag officers, and over 7,500 mid-career officers.

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    Robert David Steele

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    Raised in Caribbean, South America, Asia as son of an oil engineer. 1974 AB Pol Sci Muhlenberg thesis on multinational corporation home host country issues. 1976 MA Int’l Rel Lehigh thesis on predicting revolution. 1987 MPA U Ok Pi Alpha Alpha thesis on strategic information mismanagement by USG 1990 Naval War College with distinction. 1976-1996 Marine Corps infantry officer then Adjutant (personnel/security) then intelligence, 4 active rest reserve. 1979-1988 CIA clandestine operations (three tours overseas, HQS tours in counterintelligence, advanced information technology, satellite operations), 1988-1993 senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity; 1993-2006 CEO Open Source Solutions Network, Inc. training 7.500 in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT); 2006 to date CEO Earth Intelligence Network 501c3 proponency for World Brain Institute, Global Game with embedded true cost economics, School of Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance, Open Source Agency. Motto: The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. Complete bio page with profiles and production: