Homebrewing, Simple as Ruby

Short Form


With a peculiar vocabulary, strict traditions, and heaps of arcane lore, brewing beer yourself can be overwhelming to the uninitiated… not unlike learning programming.


But the basics of homebrewing are easily accessible with a bit of knowledge and some modest equipment. Like Ruby, brewing can be eased into, the complexity and variety of your tools growing alongside your skills.

Step by step, we’ll see how to make a delicious, quaffable beverage. Along the way we’ll highlight how simplicity, experimentation, and an eye for quirkiness can make the act of creation—be it beer or code—awesome fun.



Speaking experience

I've spoken at a number of conferences over the past two years, many of which are online at http://www.confreaks.com/presenters/1621-jason-clark. I also spoke last year at OS Bridge and loved it!