Mastering Bootstrap: how to get the most out of Bootstrap by writing modular CSS themes

Long Form


Take Bootstrap to the next level by learning how to setup a development environment with harp.js, setup a Less variable and mixin library, make your theme modular, and deploy your theme for use on your projects or for sale on a marketplace.


Bootstrap is an awesome front end tool but it can feel a bit overwhelming to use due to it’s size. In my session I’ll show you the easiest way to develop a theme, setup a development environment with harp.js, and make your code modular with Less.

I start from the basics of setting up your project, teach you how to compile code, and go through all the steps to create a theme. Here’s a few questions you’ll find answers to during my session:

How do I stop reinventing the wheel?

I teach you how to optimize your theme development process in clean and consistent way using tools like Less and Harp. Learn to stop repeating the same steps and reuse your code.

Is there a quick way to update my templates?

Using Harp.js I’ll teach you how you can use includes and variables in HTML to speed up template updates.

Is there an easier way to preview my theme?

Learn how to use Node.js to run a local server for previewing your themes. Don’t worry it’s super easy to setup.

Is there any easy way to output production files?

I’ll teach you how to use Node and Harp to compile and output your LESS and HTML to production ready code.

This and much more will be covered as we learn to master Bootstrap.


bootstrap, css, html, less, harp, node, theme, Development, modular, OOCSS

Speaking experience

I'm actually pretty new to speaking, most of my on stage experience has me holding a guitar in my hand. I've had the chance to attend OSB a couple of times in the past and would be happy to have my first real speaking gig there.