Employment gap?take a open source sabbatical!

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Employment gap?time to get creative with open source contributions


There could be various reasons for employment gap in ones’ careers specially for women which can range from moving to a different country on dependent’s visa to raising kids to health reasons.
But in the new era those gaps don’t need to be gaps at all .. infact they should be sabbaticals. with opensource you can find your true passion, build your portfolio online, contribute to a better world and stay connected and up to date with current technologies, volunteer remotely .. opportunities are numerous.


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Speaking experience

I have not given this talk before. I have given a talk on opensource and mHealth at Texas linux festival last year http://lwn.net/Articles/552999/


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    Neetu Jain is a senior software developer at softlayer and IBM company. She has worked in EDA, Telecom, Network security in past decade and is exploring cloud and open source these days. She is passionate about technology for good, rural development through education has volunteered for AID, Vibha, Systers, GHC e.t.c in the past. She loves travelling, board games and kids.