Automating cloud factories and Internet assembly lines with open source software

Long Form


Open source software is used to automate the building and orchestration of the modern Web and all of its parts. This talk will explain how open source software is used to automate the cloud factories and Internet assembly lines of our day.


Thomas Hatch, founder and CTO of SaltStack, is the benevolent dictator of Salt, one of the largest open source projects in the world and fast becoming the largest Python code base ever. SaltStack does a lot of stuff, mostly focusing on infrastructure automation, configuration management and cloud orchestration. Quite simply, our software helps automate DevOps tasks for speed and scale on the Internet assembly line. But there’s much more, so Tom will provide a quick overview of the SaltStack platform and share a few things you probably don’t know about how SaltStack is used in DevOps organizations today. Tom’s talk will highlight the need for speed and scale in DevOps, put an end to an age-old holy war in configuration management, talk about why we need more lightweight cloud control, outline the benefits of automation glue for all the infrastructure things, and show how test automation can be easier and faster combining Salt, Jenkins, Docker and Git. This talk will include a live demonstration of many of the tools in action.


open source software, cloud, internet, Salt, jenkins, Docker, git, configuration management, cloud orchestration, infrastructure automation

Speaking experience

Components of this talk have been given before and some of the parts of it can be seen in this keynote talk in front of 220 people. However this talk has not been delivered before exactly as it has been proposed here. I have given dozens of talks in the last year including talks at OpenStack Summit, OSCON, LinuxCon North America and Europe, etc.


  • Thomas hatch

    Thomas Hatch



    Tom is the creator and principal architect of SaltStack. His years of experience as principle cloud architect for Beyond Oblivion, software engineer for Applied Signal Technology, and systems admin for provided real-world insight into requirements of the modern data center not met by existing tools. Tom’s knowledge and hands-on experience with dozens of new and old infrastructure management technologies helped to established the vision for Salt. Today, Tom is one of the most active contributors in the open-source community. For his work on Salt, in 2012 Tom received the Black Duck “Rookie of the Year” award and was named to the GitHub Octoverse list in both 2012 and 2013 for leading a project with the highest number of unique contributors, rubbing shoulders with projects from Android, Mozilla and OpenStack.