Geocoding from TIGER



Want to geocode address information, but don't want to depend on outside services, or expensive commerical products? In 2007, the US Census released its updated TIGER data, providing the best free source for US street data. I'll demonstrate the new version of tiger_geocoder, and talk about ideas for future development.


In this tutorial, I will discuss the structure of newly updated TIGER addressing data as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

I’ll then dive into the updated (nearly re-written) tiger_geocoder for postgis, looking at how it operates, and how you can use it in your application. Topics include address normalization, fuzzy address matching, database structuring, and how to maximize performance.

Time permitting, we’ll delve into managing addresses and alternative styles of representing address data, including CityXML, the Karlsruhe Schema, etc.

Speaking experience