Open Source Will Power The World

Short Form


The next wave of technology startups will be powered by free software. Here's why it's good for business as well as the world.


I’m a hacker with deep roots in the free and open source software community, starting with hacking on Debian in high school. Through an education at MIT, involvement in the Python community, being an early engineer at a small Linux kernel startup, and finally starting my own company in Silicon Valley, I’ve come to believe that more and more companies will be created that are built on and contribute back to free software.

This isn’t just good for the world, it’s good for the businesses themselves. Come and hear why we have reason to be optimistic about the future of open source in companies, and, if you’re starting a business, why freeing your code can make you more competitive.

Speaking experience

I've given talks at Debconf, PyCon, and MIT. (The PyCon gig is in about a week, so video is not available yet. :)


  • Biography

    Christine’s been hacking since high school, from a text-based RPG to the kernel to the web. She’s been known to rock dance floors, bicycles, and cliffs when she’s not working on a mission to make email better via a company called Nilas, one day at a time.