Building a customized infrastructure with Gentoo



Gentoo is an excellent meta-distribution which offers you complete control over how you can build your infrastructure. However in this raw form managing such an infrastructure can be cumbersome if not time consuming. Customizations can run from building an entirely hardened system from the kernel up to the user space applications, to building a minimal system for your needs. Gentoo goes beyond compiler and use flags and takes your infrastructure to the next level.


Why run a source based distribution when Debian and CentOS exist and work for most of the world? System administrators are always stuck with having to build their own versions of software because of requirements that are placed on them. Most binary based distributions give you little flexibility in how you can actually build and setup your system. With Gentoo, it gives you the most flexibility while keeping it simple. Several prominent companies and organizations such as the OSL, EngineYard, and E*Trade are running Gentoo in their infrastructure.

This talk will cover try to cover all of the important issues for running a Gentoo based system for a server. Discussing the pros and cons, when you should consider running it, some advice and tips for setting up a sane environment, and tools to help you manage the systems.

Speaking experience