Open Source for n00bs: Creating a well known and useful personal OSS project

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Based on my personal experience, the idea is to make a quick introduction of how with a project in mind, you can get an OS project that's known, where people participate and which adds value to everyone.


I’ve tried several times in my life to start an Open source project but most of the times I didn’t have time to finish it, people wouldn’t use it, people wouldn’t understand it, nobody would know about it or something would happen that would stop my OS project/idea from adding value to the community. After a lot of failures, I started to understand which were the problems I was facing with all of this projects and why they actually didn’t work at all. In this session, I’m going to be talking about:

  • Getting your idea clear: Target, Reason, Value
  • How to make time for the OSS project
  • Naming
  • How to make people understand your project: Talking about documentation and how to get people to understand the value
  • How to get help from contributors: Automation Tools, CI, Building
  • How to make your project known: Where to post about the project, who to talk to, who to ping
  • Tips for dealing with Issues, Bugs and Feature Request: Respect, Being Straight Forward, Anticipating your next questions


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Speaking experience

Some of the other talks or presentations I've given:

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I'll also be speaking in a month on DevoxFR about Reactive Angular and Restangular:


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    Martin Gontovnikas is a software engineer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Martin is passionate about technology and he always keeps up to date with everything regarding IT.

    He started as a .NET programmer and converted into Java early on as he saw that most of the open source and the greatest technology contributions were in this area.

    Right now, he’s working with Scala (and Akka) , Ruby On Rails and JS (with AngularJS) in the FrontEnd. He’s been learning more about NodeJS lately as he loves JS.

    Martin also contributes to Open Source with Restangular (Rest client for AngularJS), AngularWizard, Angularytics and FactoryPal.