Introduction to Django: The Who, What, and When



This is *not* a build-a-blog-in-20-minutes presentation. This for anyone who's heard about Django, maybe run through the tutorial, and are wondering where they should use it first.


So you’ve done the tutorial. Maybe you’ve even built a small Django app just to see how it works. But maybe you’re already a savvy web developer who is already fairly happy with your current system. Or maybe you’re not a web developer but would like to learn more about web development.

  • What is Django? What isn’t Django?
  • Who makes Django? Who Uses it? What’s the community like?
  • When should you use Django? What does it excel at? Where might you run into some rough edges?

We’ll go a bit beyond those questions as well with:

  • How do I get started with Django?
  • What are some alternatives?

The goal of this presentation isn’t to convince anyone to use Django. Rather, the goal is to enable everyone to make an informed decision about the development platform they choose.

Speaking experience


  • Schmichael 2009.05.21

    Michael Schurter

    Urban Airship


    Michael Schurter is a Python developer at Urban Airship in Portland. He spends his days hacking Django, databases of both the relational and non-relational kind, and a bunch of other fun technologies while trying to get outside and away from technology as often as possible.

    He’s an active member in the Portland Python User Group and started the Update Portland meetup as a technology-agnostic forum for people to share their experiences with database, queues, and other data plumbing.


      • Title: Web Server Shootout
      • Track: Chemistry
      • Room: Hawthorne
      • Time: 5:005:45pm
      • Excerpt:

        Deploying your .com behind nginx so you’re ready to handle that flood of users on launch day? Wondering if you should use mod_python, mod_wsgi, or FastCGI to deploy your new Django project? This presentation will present comprehensive and practical benchmarks across a wide variety of metrics to help you make an informed decision.

      • Speakers: Michael Schurter