Code N Splode / Geek Feminism Meetup

Scheduled: Thursday, June 20, 2013 from 6:30 – 8:00pm in B201


Join us for a meetup, then we'll go to the party together!


Code N Splode is a Portland-based monthly tech meetup supporting the participation of women in the local tech community.

We’d like to meet up with attendees who are regular Code N Splode folks as well as those involved with Women Who Hack, Geek Feminism, Ada Initiative and other gender / diversity-in tech communities. This is a chance for all of us to meet and chat a bit, then head over to the party together.

“Intersectional feminism – fuck yeah!”

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    Addie is a web applications developer and hobbyist based in Portland, Oregon. This hobbyist nature means she’s currently learning anywhere from 5-20 technologies at once and never loyal to any. Right now she is balancing perilously between four languages (Java, Python, Ruby, Scala), which she loves and hates in equal measure. Things are rarely dull.

    Outside of the tech sphere, Addie is a balance-seeking, karaoke-singing, vegetable-eating cat lady.

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    Audrey Eschright

    Recompiler Media


    Audrey is a software developer, community organizer, and activist based in Portland, OR. She founded Calagator, an open source community calendaring service, and co-founded Open Source Bridge, an annual conference for open source citizens. She is the editor and publisher of The Recompiler, a magazine about technology and participation.