CodeIgniter Bootcamp



CodeIgniter is a light-weight, powerful, yet highly flexible open source framework for PHP. It can be a wonderful choice for rapid application development because it requires almost no configuration, can be deployed in nearly any hosting environment, and does not mandate that you to adhere to restrictive coding rules.

This "bootcamp" session will present everything you need to know to start building your next web application using CodeIgniter.


In this session, I will present an overview of the CodeIgniter framework and some best-practices for application development. At the end, you’ll be able to start developing your own application using CodeIgniter.

Topics Covered:

  • Installing and deploying CodeIgniter
  • Basics of the Model-View-Controller structure as implemented by CodeIgniter.
  • Interacting with the database (including ActiveRecord)
  • Dealing with user input, forms and form validation
  • Writing tests and benchmarking CI performance
  • Working with sessions
  • Basic jQuery integration
  • Extending CodeIgniter
  • Tips for re-factoring an existing application using CI.

This session will be hands-on. Bring your laptop and we’ll work through code examples together.

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