Deploying apps in 5 minutes with a PaaS

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How can you avoid servers and get back to coding? Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) makes deployment easy. But which PaaS do you choose and how do you get started? This talk will examine several of the leading PaaS providers and discuss their pros/cons. We'll also give examples for how to deploy the same app to each of them to see the differences.


We’ll take Mezzanine, a popular Django-based CMS and show how to deploy it to the leading PaaS providers. I’ll show example config files for each provider, and what code was necessary to change to get it to deploy.

Particular pain points we’ll cover are how to deal with static assets, options for caching, how to handle database migrations while minimizing downtime, and import/export of data.

We’ll wrap it up with a comparison with pros/cons of each provider, and what features each supports.

1) Intro (5 min):

  • Who am I?
  • What is a PaaS and why might you want to use it?
  • What are the drawbacks/downsides of using a Paas?

2) Deploying Mezzanine to:

  • Heroku (5 min)
  • Dotcloud (5 min)
  • Redhat’s OpenShift (5 min)
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (5 min)
  • Google App Engine (5 min)
  • Open Source alternatives like AppScale (5 min)

3) Wrap-up (10 min)

  • Comparison chart showing pros/cons of each provider
  • Pricing info on each one

Speaking experience

I've spoken at PyCon, Plone Conference, LinuxTag, PyConBrasil, Open Source Bridge, FISL. I recently gave this talk at PyCon US and you can see the slides and video recording here:


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    Nate Aune



    Nate Aune is CEO & Founder of Appsembler, a marketplace for open source web applications that you can deploy with 1-click. He’s deployed open source web applications to various cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Heroku, Dotcloud, Redhat’s OpenShift and Google App Engine. Nate is the founder and organizer of the Boston Django User Group with 800 members, and he served for 3 years on the Plone Foundation board.

    Nate has presented at LinuxWorld, Grassroots Use of Technology, Non-profit Software Developer Summit, EuroPython, PyCon and PyConBrasil. Read Nate’s blog at and follow @natea on Twitter.