Autosustainable Services: Open Source for SaaS

Short Form


Software has open source. Software as a Service has no equivalent. This is holding the web back.


Over the past 5 years, I’ve been trying to figure out technologies and methodologies for building self sustaining web services. I call these autosustainable services. Like an open source project, you can put out an autosustainable service and if it provides value and builds a community, you can move on to something else and it will continue to live on.

These are important for building a more composable, programmable web. “Small pieces, loosely joined” is not how our web service ecosystem exists, but that’s what we need in order to use it to program the world.

Speaking experience

PyCon, GlueCon, GDC, DevHouse, Ignite, Strange Loop, Google, various conferences, various tech talks. Some slides: Some videos:


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    Jeff Lindsay is a design-minded, systems thinking, hacker-philosopher. Obsessed with esoteric knowledge, he applies modern technology driven by an eclectic model of the world around us. Among many goals, he wants us all to be able to “program the world” using accessible, composable web technologies.