Driving Open Data - Dragging 20th Century Institutions into the 21st Century

Short Form


Most open data comes from organizations that are already open, or want to be open. How do we access the massive amount of data locked in institutions with no incentive for openness?


Sure, we know what everyone’s cat is doing and what they had for breakfast thanks to Instagram and Twitter, but so much high-value data is locked away in corporations with a pre Web 2.0 mindset.

Either these institutions consider our information proprietary, or they simply don’t have the resources or incentives to open it up to us. As the low hanging fruit disappears in the knowledge economy, setting this data free will be key in taking technology with us when we aren’t in front of a screen.

What kind of applications could we write with this data? How could we change our lives, our society, or our world? And most importantly, how can we get to that point with institutions that don’t share this vision?

This is intended to be an open discussion, and participation is strongly encouraged.

Speaking experience

Absolutely none; I was thinking of making a blog post on it. But it's relevant to the work I'm doing and I feel that there should be discourse about it.