Moving MediaWiki - the insane way

Short Form


While Wikipedia may be the best known MediaWiki project, there are many third party projects that also run on this platform, some of whom are not always entirely happy with their hosts - so they leave. This is Uncyclopedia's story of how we left Wikia, where we may have gotten slightly carried away, grabbed everything but the kitchen sink, and then just beat all the random parts with shovels until they started working.


The normal way, when a wiki community decides to leave its host, is to get either an sql or an xml dump of the pages and import it somewhere else. But where is the fun in that when you could instead assemble a team of angry developers, scrape the entire thing (which is a lot more than just the pages) using the API, stuff it up a series of maintenance scripts, and forcibly shove everything into the new database directly? Because that is totally a sane and sensible way to do things, really, especially when almost nobody even has the slightest idea what they’re doing.

That’s Uncyclopedia, for you, though – coming up with and acting on really bad ideas since 2005. Just not normally things involving the software. That was a relatively new one for us.

(Uncyclopedia is an independently-hosted parody/satire of Wikipedia and related projects that has serious issues, rather like Wikipedia and related projects, but that’s neither here nor there.)

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