Introduction to Linux Containers

Short Form


Need to isolate an application but don't want to spend the resources for virtualization? Linux Containers allow you to create quick isolated environments with minimal resources


Linux containers (LXC) are sometimes described as chroot on steroids. Applications are isolated to their own file systems, partition tables, and even network resources, but on commodity equipment without all the overhead of virtualization. In this presentation I’ll compare and contrast LXC with conventional virtualization, discuss gotchas and workaround, and describe how to set a container up. During the demonstration, I’ll perform a complete container set-up.

Speaking experience

Past presenter at OSCON 2011, LinuxFest Northwest (VMWare, Production Grade Scripting), the Portland Linux Unix Group (multiple presentations on various topics), and the IBM SHARE conference. Past associate instructor and contract instructor for Portland Community College. I've given this talk at PLUG and PDX DevOps. This is a repeat of my presentation at OpenBridge 2012, where it was well received by an audience of roughly 30.


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