The intersection of software and education (with discussion)

Long Form


How do you build a better engineer? What tools and approaches are out there today? Where might we be going in the future? Presentation then discussion.


One of the great meta-problems of software engineering is “how do you build a better engineer?” This talk explores this complex question by presenting where we’ve been, where we are today, and where we might be in the future. Following the presentation an open discussion will explore these questions further.

Rough presentation outline:

  • History
    • Earliest software engineers (as explorers)
    • Engineering as a discipline
    • Engineering cultures (Universities, Research Groups, Community Groups, Startups, NASA, Military, Darpa, Bell Labs, Xerox Parc more)
  • Current state
    • Traditional education, Universities
    • Self Teaching, learn by doing
    • The Internet, online resources
    • Structured online education
    • Unstructured online education
    • Bootcamps, compressed schools, Hacker School
    • Community groups and support (both on and off line)
    • Startups
    • How would I learn today
  • Where might we go in the future?
    •, creativity, discipline
    • Diverse, Eclectic, less explicitly structured
    • Learner Centric, learner driven, empowering
    • Logistics and demand, scaling
  • Open discussion

Speaking experience

Presentations at Beaver BarCamp (OSU, Corvallis), training opportunities, various presentations. I don't know that any have been recorded.