The Dream-Quest of libgit2

Short Form


libgit2 is Git re-imagined as thread-safe library instead of a collection of command-line scripts, possibly written by the Elder Gods themselves. This talk will describe why that is so important and the various technologies it will enable in the near future in embedded and mobile devices.


libgit2 is a reimplementation of Git as a thread-safe library in pure C. Why is that important? Currently no library can properly integrate with Git because Git cannot be used from a library directly nor can it be used with multiple cores in a safe way.

libgit2 is not going to replace Git 1.×. Rather, it is a kid sister. But libgit2 is bringing native Git support to new platforms, especially mobile and embedded, because it does not depend on Perl or a Unix shell.

This will allow many mobile and embedded applications to be built which will use very little memory and be compatible with multi-core systems. In addition, programs and libraries will be able to programmatically interact with Git repositories and properly catch errors and exceptions, instead of it being built with paper clips and duct tape, as it is now.

Speaking experience

Jonathan "Duke" Leto is the root commit of the PDX Git Together and has given many presentations about Git, Perl, Twitter, scientific computing, the rise of social coding and various other nerdy things.