Creating real time Geo-IP visualizations

Short Form


Visualizing your user base in real time, in 3D, using WebGL with only an afternoon's work.


In this talk ill introduce an open source, easy to use, and very useful chrome experiment called webgl-globe which allows you to quickly visualize geographic data on a 3D, interactive globe. Using this tool and a small amount of open sourced Python software, named GeoIPAnalytics, we are able to provide a public, real time visualization of our users. I will also show how the GeoIPAnalytics tool can be used to geographically visualize any IP address data, such as locations of attempted logins to a computer.

Speaking experience

I have spoken on multiple occasions at the Portland State CAT (, and to the Portland State ACM. I have also given several introductory workshops for Portland State CS students on topics like Valgrind, Make, GDB.