TeleHash - Replacing REST APIs With a Messaging-Passing DHT for Apps

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The age of REST is in full swing for building a modern app but it's starting to show strain: increased development complexity across multiple APIs, managing state in mobile apps, and a reliance on centralizing services to solve problems.


TeleHash is a new alternative to moving JSON between apps and services that brings a fresh message-driven and federated architecture to both simplify and create new possibilities for apps and networked devices.

The project at has been around for a couple years slowly progressing as a research and experimentation in how to build a DHT using UDP and JSON. Building on what’s been learned in that time and my own personal experience with the growing challenges of apps using multiple APIs at scale over the last two years as a co-founder of Singly, a V2 of TeleHash is progressing quickly towards a real and modern alternative to REST.

The architecture doesn’t force either a centralized or distributed mode but instead allows every app to choose either or a hybrid, and importantly preserves the ability for apps to interconnect with each other in a compatible way. It is fundamentally a JSON message passing system but natively includes support for binary data payloads or raw streams between any app (fully P2P).

It also incorporates a minimum level of PKI-based security that can operate transparent to the app and enable it to do deeper signing/encryption or identity verification as needed.

The session will cover a protocol overview, walk-through demonstration of working examples, and comparison of a mobile app using a REST pattern versus a TeleHash one.

Speaking experience

I've spoken at OSCON numerous times, Open Source Bridge in 2011, Defrag/Gluecon, Web 2.0 Summit (, and Ignite (


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    Jeremie Miller is the co-founder of Singly and The Locker Project, a coupling of brand new initiatives that mark the next phase in his lifelong pursuit to empower human communication through the Internet. He is a revered figure amongst developers, having invented Jabber/XMPP, the open source protocol that powers most of the Instant Messaging applications, impacting nearly one billion people around the world.

    Launched in early 2011, the Locker Project is an open source platform that runs on behalf of individuals to pull in and archive all of personal and digital data from across the myriad of web services and devices that make up our data lives. Tweets, photos, videos, click-stream, check-ins, data from real-world sensors like heart monitors, health records, home power consumption, car data and financial transaction histories, and more. Personal applications like visualization tools, personal archiving, health improvements and more explicit and relevant interactions with advertising and deal delivery can be built on this open platform.

    Jeremie lives in rural Cascade, Iowa, the town he grew up in, with his wife and three sons.