The Reasons and Methods for Web Site Localization



Web localization is a complex and intimidating process. Learn why it's important to address localization, the process for implementation, and how to avoid common pitfalls.


Many developers ignore localization entirely or end up rewriting a lot of their application by trying to add it at the end of their project.

This presentation will explain why it’s important to start your project proposals with localization in mind, how to keep localization from running you over budget, how to implement localization within your web sites, and how to avoid many common problems.

The presentation will be relevant to any programming language that supports gettext (most common ones do) but will be geared towards web development and will cite specific examples from, a high traffic, dynamically generated PHP site.

Speaking experience


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    Wil Clouser

    Mozilla Corporation


    Wil Clouser is a senior member of the web development team at Mozilla, supporting and developing dynamic, high traffic websites like His current focus is on scalability and localization of websites.

    Previously he was a lead web developer at Oregon State University’s Central Web Services, and prior to that worked for the Oregon State Legislature.

    He graduated from Oregon State University and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.