Open Source CAD/Graphics Backstage Tour



An overview of open 2D/3D CAD and graphics programs and toolkits from the programmer's point of view. Learn what tools are available for building solutions to graphics and modeling problems and how they work.


Open Source Computer Assisted Drafting/Design programs and low-level graphics libraries are numerous and varied. A programmer’s first step toward solving a problem in this realm tends to require extensive research, or you have to make big decisions with minimal information. Understanding the very high-level and very low-level ideas gives you a toehold for further research and a foundation for good decisions.

This presentation will explore the low-level and high-level systems ranging from OpenGL and geometry toolkits to GIMP/Inkscape plugins and BRL-CAD extensions. Emphasis is placed on cross-platform solutions and pragmatic approaches (including Perl/Python/Ruby bindings and other scripting options). Interactive and batch processing concepts are considered, along with issues of interoperability and file formats.

You will see which options are available for solving graphics problems, then learn about the internals and assumptions of each system and their effect on your options for mixing technologies. Whether you need to work with 2D line/circle data or 3D CSG/BREP/polygon data, this will get you on track to become part of the growing open source CAD/graphics community.

Speaking experience