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Free Software and Open Source can be a complex subject. In this session Jim distills licenses, communities, governance models and the like down to their bare essentials.


There are numerous licenses, governance models, community environments and processes being used in the FOSS (Free and Open Source) ecosystem. The wide variety can make the understanding and selection of which mode are best for you and your code a complex challenge. In this session, Jim will review the basics of FOSS and boil them down to easy-to-remember and share concepts.

Speaking experience

ApacheCon, LinuxWorld, OSCON, POSSCON, MARSSA, FUDCON, SuperComputing, Red Hat World, SpringOne, Gartner,... (lots)


  • Jimjag redhat

    Jim Jagielski

    Apache Software Foundation / Red Hat, Inc


    Jim is a long-time (over 20 year) hacker and developer who is also an acknowledged expert in Web, Cloud and Open Source technologies. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, which he co-founded. He also serves on the board of the ASF as well as serving as President. Jim also is on the board of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), the stewards of the Open Source Definition, and the OuterCurve Foundation. A frequent speaker, he was recently awarded the O’Reilly Open Source Award at OSCON.

    Jim is employed by Red Hat and serves under the office of the CTO in the Open Source and Standards team.